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ASC3202B Κεντρικός ελεγκτής 2 θυρών - μονής κατεύθυνσης



  • Built-in Web server, features main and sub control modes.
  • The main control mode offers access control Platform functions,can connect with and manage up to 19 sub controllers. The sub-control modes can be added to multiple platforms.
  • Supports 1000 users (main control mode), 3000 fingerprints, 5000 Bluetooth cards (main control mode) and 300,000 records.
  • Accesses card readers through Wiegand and RS-485 protocols.
  • Supports TCP and IP connection, and standard PoE.
  • Supplies power to the lock through its 12 VDC output power supply, which has a maximum output current of 1000 mA.
  • Supports configuring the hardware I/O port and exporting configuration diagrams.
  • Retains stored data even while powered off.
  • Role management.
  • Supports multiple advanced access control functions, such as first-person unlock, multi-person unlock, global anti-passback, global multi-door interlock and global external alarm.


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