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HAP201 Ενεργητικό μικρόφωνο υψηλής πιστότητας, κάλυψης 1-150m2



Hi-fidelity Pickup
  • CPU built-in audio sampling module, low interference from the hardware.
  • Smart audio crack protection, auto low microphone sensitivity to meet.
  • Adopts wide dynamic range processing technology for the valid audio.
  • High-sensitivity microphone, omni-directional pickup, clear audio, high.
  • Noise reduction via the algorithm to enhance signal definition.
  • Auto gain and compensate the human voice frequency. Exaggerates the.
  • It can effectively reduce the indoor reverberation resulting from the.
  • It supports screaming control function and can greatly enhance the.
  • Built-in high-speed CPU, real-time processing audio signal, low latency.
  • Built-in lighting protection, power two-polarity misconnection.
  • CE, FCC compliance.
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